• #Adoptdontshop

    The best gift you could give is opening your home to an animal in need.

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    Why should you adopt?

    When deciding if you want to expand your family by a couple of paws, it used to be simple. Just go to the local pound and adopt one.


    Unfortunately, now people sell "pure breeds" at ridiculous prices just because people want a certain look.

    When you buy those animals, you're supporting puppy mills while U.S. animals shelters get filled to the brim.


    Puppy mills are commercial dog-breeding facilities that focus more on profits than the health and welfare of the animals. It's estimated that 2.11 million puppies are sold from puppy mills, while 3 million are killed in shelters.


    Don't contribute to that statistic. Adopt don't shop.

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    Animals are not gifts. They're a responsibility.

    It's tempting to gift a pet over the holidays, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind:


    Is it really what they want?

    Sure, it's fun to surprise someone with a puppy or kitten on Christmas morning, but it can often lead to those animals being surrendered to a shelter after the holidays. Always ask if an animal is something they would want, or offer to pay the adoption fees for one instead! That way a furbaby gets a forever home and your friend can choose the animal they really want!


    It's a HUGE responsibility.

    It's easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of bringing home another addition to the family, but is it something the whole family can commit to? Daily walks and play sessions are a must for any pet, as well as groomings, feedings, so make sure the whole family is ready and dedicated to helping out!



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    Give the gift of a Forever home, or at least a temporary one.

    If you are able, consider becoming a foster parent to these shelter animals. It will help them become acclimated to life inside of a home while opening up room in the shelters for other strays.

  • There's always a way to help

    Donate to the local SPCA

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